The Science and Art of Celebrity Branding

When Carlos Alcaraz won Wimbledon, Rolex immediately bought full page advertisements in major newspapers around the world to congratulate the young man. In Singapore, we see Loh Kean Yew endorsing Grab in bus stop ads and Kim Kardashian lounging languidly in a larger-than-life poster at the store front of Dolce & Gabbana at Ion Orchard. […]

Idea-Expression Dichotomy in Photographs

Sølve Sundsbø photograph 2019

The idea-expression dichotomy in copyright law is a difficult to concept. Put simply, ideas do not get copyright protection, but the expression of an idea secures for the creator a limited term monopoly right known as copyright. Certain types of works can be dissected into protectable expression and unprotectable ideas more readily than others. For […]